Welcome to VitalToolsBoston.org, Home of the Shared Connection Computer Clinic

The Shared Connection Boston Clinic is an education, helping and production facility

People and companies donate computers to us, and we completely refurbish them. Anyone in our community can get a computer from us, donating $50 (for people without much money) or $125 (for people with some money). Our computers are industrial-strength Windows 10 desktops with 8G of memory. These computer come with Boston’s only lifetime warranty-- as long as our clinic is alive, we’ll take care of the computer for you.

You can get help using your computer, and lots of other computer help, by coming to our weekly Zoom clinic on Wednesdays from 5 pm - 7 pm.  You can also learn about websites, email and other web tools at our Web for Business class on Zoom Tuesdays noon - 1 pm.

To join, please call Adam Frost at 617-522-1049 or email adamfrost@computerCareandLearning.com