Welcome to VitalToolsBoston.org, home of the Shared Connection Computer Clinic


Our Shared Computer Boston clinic delivers full computer systems, mostly desktops, to people and businesses needing them. Machines are Windows 10 and are industrial strength (windows 10 computer, minimum of 8 GB of RAM, Minimum hard drive space of 160GB). This includes Boston’s only lifetime warranty (as long as our clinic is alive, we’ll take care of your machine).

We ask for a $50 donation from people who have lower incomes, and $125 to people who have some money.

We receive working computers from businesses, universities and individuals who are in need top of the line computers. The computers we get from them are in good working order but are just being upgraded.

We work to renew used computers so that families without much money can use them for job-hunting, communication, education, and recreation. We’re a team of volunteers with a wide range of abilities and experience, working together to help one another learn how to refurbish computers from the ground up, and make them ready for beginners to use. This is a good educational and networking opportunity for all who can come and help.